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Gunmetal/Phosphor Bronze


Gunmetal is a kind of bronze, an alloy of copper, tin, and some zinc, originally used chiefly for making guns. It is also called red brass in America.

Gunmetals produced for different purposes vary slightly in composition. In some cases, the alloy may be composed only from copper and tin, or from copper, tin, and lead. It has many uses in industry, and is used for statues and various small objects, e.g. Gears, Bushes.,Gunmetal can also mean steel treated to simulate gunmetal bronze. Gunmetal is also a name for a shade of grey colour.

Specifications: G is a gunmetal composed of 88% copper, 10% tin, and 2% zinc. spec. H is composed of 83% copper, 14% tin, 3% zinc, and 0.8% phosphorus.
Gunmetals will be available in type of Rods, Bushes, Squares,etc .

Phosphor Bronze

Phosphorous Bronze, any of several alloys consisting mainly of copper and tin. Neither ancient nor modern bronzes consist only of these two metals. Zinc, lead, and silver were added to bronze alloys use in tools, weapons, coins, and objects of art . Zinc, lead, and other metals are occasionally present in modern bronze. The constituents of bronze vary; when it contains at least 10 per cent tin, the alloy is hard and has a low melting point. Bronze is stronger and harder than any other common alloy except steel. Modern bronze is used for bearings, fittings, and other machine parts. Phosphorous Bronze will be available in type of Rods, Bushes, Squares, and Foils. ,etc .