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Lead Free Brass

Tremor Alloy scan provide you with a range of lead-free alloys.
Lead Free Brass Product Selection

C46400 Naval Brass "Lead Free"

SAE J461, AMS 4611, 4612, ASTM B21, FEDERAL QQ-B-639, SAE J463
Naval Brass C46400 is nominally composed of 60% copper, 39.2% zinc and 0.8% tin. As is typical of brass alloys with the duplex alpha + beta structure, C46400 has good strength and rigidity. By substituting tin for an equal quantity of zinc, a high corrosion resistance to seawater is achieved. The addition of tin also gives the alloy an inherent resistance to dezincification, thereby further inhibiting the impingement by seawater at higher than normal temperatures. The alloy is also noted for its resistance to wear, fatigue, galling, and stress corrosion cracking.
Typical Uses for C46400 Naval Brass "Lead Free":
ELECTRICAL: Precision Shipboard Equipment
FASTENERS: Rivets, Bolts, Nuts
INDUSTRIAL: Welding Rod, Condenser Plates, Structural Uses, Valve Stems, Balls, Heat Exchanger Tube, Aircraft Turn Buckle Barrels, Bearings, Dies, Pressure Vessels, Bearings, Bushings, Hub Cones
MARINE: Properller Shafts, Marine Hardware, Decorative Fittings, Shafting, Propeller Shafts, Turn buckles
ORDINANCE: Missle Components
OTHER: Baffle Plates and Flanges
PLUMBING: Fittings
Sizes Available From Tremor Alloys
SOLID BAR . . . . . . . . . . . . 3/16" - 12" diameter
HEX & SQUARE BARS . . . . up to 3"
PLATES (HOT ROLLED) . . . .cut to size, up to 6" thick
SHEETS (COLD ROLLED) . . up to 1/4" thick
DISCS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .cut to size, up to 6" thick